About Us

Throughout our charity’s long history as Delamere Forest School, Delamere continuously adapted to the evolving needs of those Jewish school age children who struggled to thrive educationally alongside their peers without special help.

The charity transformed itself again after 2011 into Delamere Charitable Trust, a successful Manchester based funding provider for professional special needs education service providers and schools serving the Greater Manchester Jewish Community.  Delamere’s support enables them to provide high quality support services for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

To understand Delamere’s new role more, see who we help and read our aims and objectives.

To ensure we always act responsibly and to the highest standards, we have carefully defined values which guide us.

We have established highly constructive relationships with our service partners who have proven skills in helping children with learning disabilities

Through our partners we can now demonstrate a successful record of achievements.

Our Finances

To keep our own costs to the absolute minimum, our Trustees and helpers are all volunteers and we employ no paid staff. You can download our latest annual report and accounts here.

Fortunately, the wide recognition the charity gained when it operated Delamere Forest School has helped the current Trustees raise funds for the new Delamere Charitable Trust role.  Legacy income has been particularly invaluable, but to maintain and expand our valuable work in the future, active fundraising from the Jewish Community is becoming increasingly important.

There are many ways in which you can help us with our fundraising (see donate) and there are also opportunities for those who want to help more directly to get involved.