Since transforming our charity into a funder of specialist SEND services, the Delamere Charitable Trust has much to be proud of.

  • Club Tikva has helped over two hundred children learn to overcome their social and communication difficulties.


  • By involving professional experts and educationalists from across the Greater Manchester Jewish community, we created and supported a new high quality training and consultancy service, JSENSE.  In the last two years, JSENSE trained over 350 School staff members on SEND, and delivered 30 days of SEND oriented consultancy.  This activity was spread across 13 Manchester Jewish schools impacting directly and indirectly over 1250 pupils. Over 95% of the feedback from this work has been positive. Educators attending the course have reported increased skills and awareness which has supported them in their classroom delivery to children and young people with SEND.


  • In the last year, JSENSE has started supporting parents of SEND children through training and group consultations with 39 being helped so far.


  • Through our Gershon Rothman Award funding scheme over three hundred children with special educational needs were helped over a two year period to develop, learn and acquire skills despite the barriers to their learning .  For the longer term, the awards supported the creation of the permanent Gershon Rothman SEN Centre at Manchester Mesivta School, funded T’mimei Lev and Torah Tots to invest in the latest interactive ipad tables for their SEND pupils, and enabled Beis Chinuch Lebanos Girls’ School to equip a special SEND Resource Room.


  • OYY Lubavitch Boys’ School has been enabled to set up a much valued and affordable central support centre for all specialist SEND workers in Manchester’s Jewish schools and community.  This is a prime example of Delamere’s encouragement of the sharing of scarce specialist resources.


  • Beis Malka Girls’ School were enabled to get extra specialist help to raise the literacy standards of about 20 SEND children who had been seriously struggling with basic reading skills.


  • Thanks to Delamere, for three years, a specialist SEND teacher at North Cheshire Jewish Primary School has been helping to identify children with dyslexia and providing intensive extra literacy support for six children a year whose learning progress would otherwise be held back.

Likewise, at Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School, more than a dozen anxious and vulnerable children with a variety of issues are being considerably enabled to keep up with their education thanks to extra support from a Mindfulness expert.


  • By providing seed funding support for Kodesh Ability Tests in Greater Manchester Delamere played an important part in gaining wide acceptance for this radical new testing system for Jewish children, thereby helping critically with the early identification of children with learning disabilities which require special extra attention.


  • Heaton Park Synagogue reported that overall anxiety levels were noticeably lowered when Delamere funded their new LED flicker free light fittings to make the shul more accessible for autistic members, particularly young people who had previously been unable to attend for more than short periods.