Club Tikva

Delamere Funds Key Skills Development For Children With Social And Communications Difficulties

Delamere Charitable Trust’s first project was to help Club Tikva get started in 1911 and we have been a major funder of them ever since, watching them develop carefully.

The club is operated outside school hours by professional teaching and social work staff.  In a relaxed friendly atmosphere, they help children who have difficulties with social and communication skills to gain the confidence and ability to express themselves more effectively and build relationships.  Parents are delighted with the improvements they see in their children.

With Delamere’s help they have been able to build up to three groups for boys and one group for girls.  The girls’ group covered a large range from age four to eleven but this was totally unsuitable for older girls.  With their new Janette Cattan Memorial grant award from Delamere, they have now been able, following many requests from parents, to start a new group for teenage girls.

Appreciative Comments

“We would like to thank you very much for your incredibly generous donation which has enabled us to start a Tuesday evening group for teenage girls.  Our first session ran last night with 6 girls using a range of fun activities to enable the group to bond, share experiences and a space to express themselves.

The sessions are invaluable for these girls – they are given essential tools to deal with challenges they face in their daily lived enabling them to function more effectively both at home and in school.”  

Aviva Nissen, Club Tikva