Delamere has no service fee income.  As an independent non-profit making charity our charity is highly dependent on the funds we can raise from the community.

Cost Control

In our values, we recognise that the funds we disburse all come from the community in the first place and we only use volunteer workers, ensuring a low overhead organisation.  Our administrative and governance overheads account for around 5% of our total charitable expenditure so you can be confident your donations help young people with special educational needs.

Past Legacies

We have been very fortunate in recent years to receive some substantial legacies from past supporters of Delamere Forest School.  This allowed us to increase our support for partner service providers while building our reserves to generate continuing income in the future.

Future Gap

However, we now have no reason to expect further major legacies so we know we have to become much more active in fundraising just to preserve our current funding capacity, let alone increase it.

Please Help

There are many ways you can help us continue our funding work in the future. For example, to celebrate an individual or special occasion, why not send a Certificate of Honour or a Charity Greetings Card rather than a gift?  If you shop online at Amazon, you can register to get Amazon to donate to Delamere every time you make a purchase.

Whether you are an individual, a charitable trust or a business, please check out the ideas on the right on how you could contribute.