Maximising Benefits With Best Practice

Our Trustees focus clearly on using their scare resources to maximise the benefits for their young client group while maintaining the highest standards of governance to ensure the services they fund are fully compliant with regulatory practices and managed within current “best practices”.

Innovative and Imaginative Solutions From Trusted Providers

This obliges our Trustees to find innovative ways of managing Delamere’s activities and to seek imaginative cost-effective projects from trusted providers to support with our funding.

Low Cost Operation

Delamere has no service fee income.  We are very conscious that the funds we disburse all come from community contributions in the first place so everyone working with us does so as a volunteer to ensure we operate as a low overhead organisation with a minimum level of bureaucracy.  Our administrative and governance overheads account for around 5% of our total charitable expenditure.

Appropriate Procedures

Our service providers are small or micro organisations who usually lack the resources (or the need) for complex bureaucratic procedures, simply concentrating on achieving the highest possible service standards.  Our Trustees are sensitive to these realities of our providers in the way we deal with them.

Governance and Compliance

The charity is governed by its Articles of Association which were updated in 2012 to reflect its revised role following the closure of its school.  Because of the pandemic, the Articles were further updated to regularise virtual meetings in September 2020.  As a Registered Charity and a Company Limited By Guarantee, these articles are filed with the Charity Commission and Companies House for England and Wales.  Annual reports are submitted to both these regulatory authorities in compliance with their requirements.  The charity has structures, systems and procedures to ensure its proper governance and management. Full details of these can be found in the Trustees’ Annual Report which also lists the Trustees.


Delamere’s FORMAL policies are based on the above values and can be downloaded on the right.  These policies are reviewed and updated as needed.  In particular, we are committed to ensuring our activities safeguard and promote the welfare of children and we expect all volunteers, and the organisations we support, to share this commitment.