Volunteer For Our Service Partners

Working but with spare time?

Retired and looking to fill some time in a good cause?

Still at school, college or university and wanting to gain some volunteering experience?

Not everyone wants to take on significant ongoing responsibilities – many just want to give their time working directly with needy children, or maybe use administration and office skills supporting those who do.

If that describes you, and you want to do something worthwhile for others, our Service Provider Partners are always looking for extra volunteer helpers and we can help to find the right volunteering opportunity for you, working with one of them.

Any volunteers working with children have, for safeguarding purposes, to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for any criminal record.  Some particular past activities can be obstacles to working with vulnerable young people and adults.

Explore volunteering possibilities to suit you by contacting us now to discuss how you can contribute.