Who We Help

Delamere helps individuals and families within the Greater Manchester Jewish community deal with a wide range of learning disabilities and needs, as explained below.

A Variety of Challenging Individual Disabilities

Learning disabilities vary widely but include social and communication difficulties as well as physical and behavioural issues.

Among many conditions, these can stem from Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome), Down Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), Tourette Syndrome and various emotional difficulties.

Sufferers can struggle to learn naturally in normal environments which they find distracting.  They fail to develop normal verbal skills and do not understand how to interact normally with those around them.

The cumulative effect of these barriers results in slow development and increasing frustration, which in turn frequently leads to behavioural problems.

The nature and impact of learning disorders is complex, and varies considerably among individual children, so it can take a long time to understand what’s wrong and get a definitive official diagnosis.  Even if their difficulties are relatively mild, they still need the right support quickly to allow them to develop along with their peers.

Key Needs

Children with learning disabilities must get early diagnoses followed by special individually tailored extra support to allow them to maximise their capability for learning, gain qualifications and acquire vital life skills which their peers acquire naturally.  They deserve the opportunity to develop into valued adults capable of independent living.

Impact On Families

The problems and behaviour of these unfortunate children can also have a massive impact on their families who struggle to cope without major guidance and support, and siblings can easily suffer as attention focuses on the disturbed children.

Protecting Jewish Community Identity

Jewish SEND children face the added difficulty of needing to learn in a culturally appropriate Orthodox Jewish environment.

Greater Manchester Focus

With limited funding capacity we focus on children of nursery and school age in the Greater Manchester Jewish community where we are based.  Our community is by far the largest in the UK outside Greater London.

Filling The Gaps

While schools are supposed to provide this support they are rarely funded sufficiently to do so and face a multiplicity of other priorities.  High quality professional SEND support skills are relatively rare and costly. Delamere aims to fill the gaps in quality service provision.