Service Partners

Delamere’s purpose is to identify the gaps in SEND provision for our target clients and select:-

  • the best organisations for helping SEND children
  • the best projects to finance with our limited funding capacity


As funding for these children’s special needs is seriously lacking, there is no shortage of ideas and candidates seeking our help.  We have developed a list of chosen service partners with whom we work closely. We look for:-

  • Credible partners who can manage projects and/or services competently so as to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Value for money in terms of the quality and volume of impacts on our target clients in relation to the funding required.
  • Ideally, we choose imaginative, innovative and/or sustainable services and projects, especially where those might lead on to further worthwhile developments.
  • Regular monitoring of results and reporting on project success.
  • Partnership and cooperation – we encourage the sharing of knowledge and scarce skilled resources for the mutual benefit of all.


The best organisations for special needs, whether schools or service providers, are often small with very limited administrative capacity.  We have developed a simple but focused bid-screening process which is sensitive to their typical lack of administrative backup and bidding experience.  The aim is to make it easy for them to answer our questions clearly but relevantly, without over-bureaucratic form filling.

We then monitor their performance and provide feedback to help ensure our funds, and those of our valued donors, are used most cost effectively.

By funding and supporting our past and current service partners we have already made a real difference to many children and their families – check out our record of achievements.

Our longest established Service Partners are:-

Club Tikva

Delamere Charitable Trust’s first project was to help a couple of ex-staff members set up Club Tikva and we have been a major supporter of them since, watching them grow carefully.

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JSense New Logo


We played the major part in establishing a cross-community forum group which:-

  • involved professional experts
  • researched the needs for extra help in overcoming learning disabilities among young people in the Greater Manchester Jewish community.
  • identified the most significant gaps in provision
  • recommended and planned action

This resulted in our establishing JSENSE using those experts to provide vital services to improve radically the handling of SEND in Jewish schools.

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OYY Lubavitch Boy’s School

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Special Spirits

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T’Mimei Lev School & Torah Tots Nursery

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Kodesh Ability Tests

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