Delamere funding boost supports children at Jewish Primary Schools

Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School and North Cheshire Jewish Primary School are
the latest recipients of essential funding to support Jewish children with Special Educational
Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Manchester this year. The Delamere Charitable Trust –
funding provider for professional special needs education service providers and schools, has
awarded grants to secure provision at these schools for the current academic year.

The funding counteracts the relentless cuts to publicly funded SEND provision across
schools nationwide, which has led to a loss of specialist staff and ultimately a lack of
progression in pupils requiring additional support at school.

North Cheshire JPS has been awarded £8,775 for a part-time specialist SEND teacher to
support pupils with higher levels of SEND in 2019-20.

Karen Sulman, Special Educational Needs Coordinator at North Cheshire Jewish Primary
School said “The funding has enabled us to provide much needed specialist support for our
pupils with special educational needs. Our specialist teacher also supports our teachers and
teaching assistants, contributing to children’s personalised provision within school. It is very
difficult to secure additional funding for this kind of project, which would not have been
possible this year without the Delamere grant. We are extremely grateful for this

Bury and Whitefield have been awarded £5,550 for a part-time specialist mindfulness expert
to deliver a programme of Mindfulness and Resilience training to all pupils in 2019-20. Thisis the first grant awarded by Delamere Charitable Trust to Bury and Whitefield JPS.

Headteacher of Bury and Whitefield JPS, Claire Simon said “We are so grateful. This
funding is not a luxury. It’s a much needed service. Without the professional help, the
children using the service wouldn’t have been as comfortable as they are now. We’d be at
crisis point – we’d be referring children to outside agencies that are already stretched.”

Pupils benefiting from SEND have an array of needs, including those with Specific Learning
Difficulties, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder,
Dyspraxia, speech and language difficulties and social, emotional and mental health

“By awarding these grants, we recognise that state school funding has been relentlessly
squeezed in recent years, so we decided the needs of children in our Manchester Jewish
schools must still be met. We know how important it is for children to receive appropriate
support as early as possible in their lives”, said Malcolm Joels, Chair of Delamere
Charitable Trust.


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