Delamere event promotes new approach to helping special needs

On Sunday 19th May, Delamere Charitable Trust played host to its seven service provider partners and invited guests interested in improving the support available for young Manchester Jewish people with learning disabilities. The thirty strong audience listened attentively to individual presentations from each of Delamere’s seven current service provider partners who explained how they are using Delamere’s current funding to transform young lives.

Delamere has been able to support all these activities because of a very generous legacy from the late Janette Cattan. Delamere Chair, Malcolm Joels expects the charity’s Janette Cattan Memorial funding to help several hundred Manchester Jewish children with special educational needs over two years, directly and indirectly, to overcome their learning disabilities. Some of the funding will also leave a permanent legacy of new specialist equipment and facilities for future SEN pupils.  Phil Reed, a Trustee of Delamere Charitable Trust, presented framed certificates to each provider in Janette’s memory. Delamere Charitable Trust realises it cannot expect more major legacies so, to continue this level of financial support in the future, let alone increase it to bring in even more service partners and help more children, it will have to start raising significant funds from the Manchester Jewish community. It is planning to recruit volunteers for a new “Friends of Delamere” for this purpose.

Mr Joels explained to the audience that “In truth, there will never be enough money no matter how successful our future fundraising becomes. That’s why, we have started to promote partnership and cooperation among schools and providers – we really believe this can help us all to achieve more for our needy children without necessarily costing more. The right Resources and Skills are scarce, but Innovation and Cooperation are “free” – we just need to be imaginative and open-minded to the possibilities.”   For this reason, in a new approach, Delamere encouraged its provider partners to comment in their individual talks on how they might help other organisations, and where they could even use some help themselves. The event deliberately allowed plenty time for all thirty attendees to network among themselves and to exchange contact details for future exploration of opportunities for mutual self-help. “Judging from the very positive reports we received from our guests”, reports Mr Joels, “this unique networking opportunity was really appreciated and we hope to see many new constructive relationships evolve as a result over the next year.”

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