Gershon Rothman Awards

Announced in September 2016, the Gershon Rothman Awards provided an excellent opportunity to uncover some really worthwhile new service ideas and to have a major impact on Jewish special educational needs in Greater Manchester.  Delamere has been enabled to do this through the exceptional generosity of the late Gershon Rothman whose memory we are delighted to honour in this way.  The photograph shows Mr Rothman at his home in Australia in his 90’s.

Gershon Rothman spent the early part of his life in the Manchester Jewish community where he began his career in ladies dress design.  He was sporting and loved a healthy outdoor life.  His experience as a much decorated sergeant in the British army in the second world war, especially the liberation of Belsen, affected him profoundly and he became a vocal and interested advocate for human freedom and decency throughout his life.  He emigrated to Australia in 1959 where he became a very successful ladies fashion designer and passed away in 2014 at the age of 95, an exceptionally decent, principled and generous man.

In November 2016 representatives from Jewish schools and educational service providers were invited by Delamere to submit bids for a Gershon Rothman Award.

In March 2017, having received sixteen bids amounting to over £250K, Delamere announced that over £104K had been awarded to seven Greater Manchester based Jewish schools and specialist educational service providers from the Gershon Rothman Awards fund.  Delamere’s chairman expressed the great delight of the trustees at the extent and quality of the applications.  “We expect over 300 Jewish children with a whole range of learning disabilities to benefit over the next two years, not to mention creating a permanent legacy of specialist resources in the longer term.”

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